52 Commercial Road are a post-rock group from London, England.

Tommy Brooks - Guitar, Synths
Patrick Evans - Guitar, Synths
Josh Isaacs - Bass, Effects
Ben Sayeed - Drums, Vibraphone
Music’s power lies in its ability to transform our experience of time 
and its capacity to inspire hope lets us sense what possible futures 
might feel like if we could make them happen. At its most potent 
music reminds us of the instability and porousness of times, allowing 
past and present to resonate with each other in unexpected ways.

52 Commercial Road may emerge from the milieu of millennial 
post-rock, however their music’s tonalities and resonances seem to 
echo previous moments in intriguing and important ways. It’s a 
certain constellation of lost treasures from the 80s which seem to be 
invoked by their crystalline lyricism and are summoned into the 
present by their (always-involving) instrumental incantations.

In the sheer open-endedness of their pieces that explore melodic and 
rhythmic territory well beyond the normal limits of instrumental rock 
52 express a persistent faith in the power of possibility, of 
collective creativity, of doing things differently. What we hear is 
surely to do with that common spirit of experimentation and 
non-compliance than with any specific lineage of influence and 

Poised between the melodic potency of song and the exploration of 
more improvised forms, ‘post-rock’ always risks a certain irrelevance 
- but its a risk worth running when the result is these fascinating 
and often moving explorations of a territory which, even now, few 
other musicians are able to inhabit with such poise, sincerity 
and charm.