Remiso album 'Pleasant with Presentiment' has launched and is available on Bandcamp 
as a physical CD or download.  


New project has started with some of the same members and interesting additions 
including a jazz guitarist from Hong Kong and session saxophonist Oli Arlotto.
We have recorded some great new material that is in the process of being mixed so 
there will be a release in the near future.


A huge thank you to everyone who listened, helped or were otherwise involved in our 
progress and incredible journey. 
We have worked on our musical craft for a long time together and reached a point 
that collectively we agreed to have achieved as much as is possible for the time being.
We have grown musically, spiritually and intellectually but now must pursue 
our other passions in life.
With much Love and Respect we sign off for now..



Following a really fun little tour that took us across northern Europe and 
into Norway we would like to thank the Hostpunkt collective for making it 
possible aswell as the Brussels crew and Vivid organisers.

It has been a pleasure to play the material that has been the focus of our 
attention for 2 years to new people and take to other places but after ending 
on a high we will move on to new things which will be a refresh for us and 
hopefully mean working on new music sometime soon.

Stay Safe.

After a great night and brilliant performances from both our support 
acts (Sam Ashton & He was Eaten by Owls) we are proud to announce the 
release of our 4th L.P. 'Remote Connection'. 
Coinciding with the music release is the excellent new video for the final 
track 'Cordyceps' directed by Sebastien Weilemans. 

Enjoy/ Share/ Revel/ Rebel/ 
Remote Connection will be out this year in May with the launch booked at 
T.Chances in Tottenham, we hope you can join us for a night of great music 
including a recital of the entire album and a chance to get the limited edition 
vinyl pressing.


The album is now very close to being finished and will be mastered in 
the first days of 2016. It will be comprised of 6 tracks which total 
around 40 minutes.

Starting in June we will be launching the kickstarter campaign for
the completion of our 4th album!
Its a strong progression from our previous material and we can't wait
to get it out there for you to absorb and relish.


Having finished work on Communion we were offered the chance to work 
on 2 documentary films the first of which called 'Give us Space' 
centered on the ongoing housing crisis in London.
We then met with the director of a film concerning the 30th 
anniversary of the miner's strike called 'Still the Enemy Within'
and succeeded in adding to the musical score of this important
historical story.


We are pleased to announce that our 3rd LP 'Communion' will be
released with AFW Records in November of this year. 
After recording the score for Greg Halls film in February at 
Microbe studio with Sam Navel, we decided that we had a strong 
enough body of work to develope and expand into a record in its 
own right. Another studio session including additions by 
Josiah(trumpet) & Gael(double-bass) gave Sam alot to work with 
and the final result is something we are very proud of.

After a great time across the pond travelling, playing, 
drinking and joking living out the cliché down the wide roads 
with our poor friend Valorie living in a bus full of smelly 
lads, were back in the big smoke and working on some projects 
for this year including:
-New vinyl remix album launch April/May including artists 
 'Bong Ra', 'Drumcorps' and 'Cristoph de Babalon'.
-The score for Greg Halls film 'Communion' with a premiere 
 and soundtrack launch set for July.
-Our 3rd Album which we hope to start work on with Sam Navel 
 in the next few months.


Wreck Weekend 7th/8th September was a great success, thanks 
to all those who performed (will,tom,snorkel,tommo,richy and 
gray) helped(john,cathy,mathilda,andrew,jasmine,lisa) and came 
down to make it a special last event before we leave for the 
North America trip.

With Pat back from his travels and the rest of us having 
survived the winter, time to regroup and look forward. 
Currently a 3 piece we are working on material each of us had 
written separately during the hiatus. The remix project is 
another focus including 14 separate artists and counting with 
the view to a launch mid-year. Also we are making plans to 
visit the States with Soundfilm and the Coccinelle production 
team to coincide with the release of their new film this 
September. In the meantime looking to book some festivals for 


In September we travelled to France and Belgium to work on a 
new musical collaboration with Soundfilm. Initial rehearsals 
in Normandy were really positive and we quickly compiled some 
material to work on towards a set. In Brussels we played to a 
full audience at the studio on Harmony street, then at a more 
intimate setting in the suburbs of town, drank too much 
everyday but enjoyed the time away and could have stayed longer. 
Big thanks to Axel, Andrew, Margot, Brice, Gael.

In October the Belgium contingent arrived in London for a 
week of music, this time joined by bassist Renan. 
3 rehearsals followed by 3 gigs at Colorama, Nautilus, then 
at The Workshop in Old St to round off the weekend. Was great 
to play with them once again and will continue the project 
looking to record the tracks with producer Sam Navel.